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#gm0093 - Developed and published by LJN Toys, Ltd., and released in 1987, Jaws is a Movie inspired NES game loosely based upon the fourth in the series entitled, "Jaws: the Revenge." But don't let that fool you, the game is very playable, and a lot of fun. To begin, you have to navigate your ship from port to port to get power-ups that will make your shark killing a little easier. To get these power-ups you stop your ship and set your diver to swim out and get small sharks, jellyfish, crabs and manta rays in order to find conch shells. The conch shells are what is used to purchase the power-ups you'll need for battling the great white and are used to buy upgrades for the boat. You can also get some of the shells in bonus rounds where a sea plane flies over the ocean and bombs jellyfish. You can also get an edge in the game by finding a submarine which will increase your firepower and help with your defense. Stumbling upon it is not easy. When you encounter Jaws, his life meter is always present at the bottom of the screen. The diver must battle Jaws several times in an attempt to deplete this meter. When you wear down Jaws' energy, you can go back to your ship, launching strobes into the ocean to lure him out where you can use the ship to ram and kill Jaws. But you must time your ramming precisely because you only get three attempts. And if you miss him all three times you will have to beat him all over again. The bottom line is that Jaws for NES really is not a bad game, and worth picking up for the change in NES playing style alone.

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