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#gm0140 - Developed by Williams Entertainment Inc., and published by HAL America Inc.. Joust was released in October of 1988 for the NES. This simi-rare game is a faithful port of the classic coin operated arcade game of the same name. It remains a unique, entertaining and addicting game. You play the role of a jousting knight who rides upon a flying ostrich. The object of the game is to to battle with your enemy, who are Buzzard-riding shadow lords. You defeat them by flying over them and dropping down on top of them. You must collect their eggs before they hatch and become more deadly enemies. The sound for this game, is in a word, perfect. And though there is no background music, it doesn't diminish the game one little bit. Surprisingly, the design, details, colors and graphics of Joust for NES is every bit as good as the arcade version. The game play is quick and responsive and the animation very fluent and appealing. Joust features support for either one or for two players. Overall Joust for NES is a fantastic conversion of a fantastic and Classic arcade game. Belongs in any collection. (Rarity Rating B)

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