Mechanized Attack

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gm0073 - Released in June of 1990, Mechanized Attack (developed and published by SNK) is an port of the Arcade game of the same name. It's an excellent fun action side-scrolling first person shooter game. Basically you shoot all the mechanized terminator type enemies using a combination of the lightgun and a controller pad to move the target. With difficult enemies it's best to use button on controller while aiming with the lightgun to fire explosives. It's great that you have access to grenades to attack enemies as well. You acquire extra ammo clips, grenades, or health by shooting at their icon. The graphics are above average, and gameplay is very good beside for hit recognition. But the sound is average and there is only one continue. This game has no save feature and only one player can play. Another drawback is that your health is not restored at the end of each stage. On the good side, between stages you get the option to choose paths. This game plays somewhat like the earlier release of Operation wolf.

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