The Adventures of Bayou Billy

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#gm0168 - Developed and published by Konami Corporation, and released in June of 1989, The Adventures of Bayou Billy is really three arcade games in one. A shooter, a driving game and a fighting action game. It is a very difficult game, so if you like challenges, this is for you. You actually have to have skill to beat this game. Be patient, because in later stages, weapons are more prevalent, which makes life easier. The game scenario is that your girlfriend Annabelle has been snatched by the local crime Lord Gordon, the "gangster king of Bourbon Street." You must rescue her, and to do that you must kill the crime boss. But in order to get to him, you must fight and jump through the side scrolling levels, drive and shoot through racing levels, and shoot your enemies in the shooting levels. In the shooting level, you can use either the Nintendo Light Zapper gun, or the controller. But be careful, you only have so much ammo, and if you run out, you lose a life. Fighting can take place in both swamps and cities, and yes, there are swamp crocodiles! Now in the driving section you have a jeep that is equipped with grenade launchers and machine guns. And you'll need them all to get through the enemy vehicles blocking your path. In all, there are nine levels. You can also choose to play a practice mode, wherein you can choose fighting, shooting, or driving practices individually. Bayou Billy can be a good enjoyable romp, especially after you dedicate a few hours to it, but it's not for everyone. In japan, this game is called "Mad City." Rarity Rating C-

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