The Adventures of Gilligan's Island

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#gm0061 - Released in July of 1990 by Bandai America, Inc., the rare NES game "The Adventures of Gilligan's island" is based on the popular TV sitcom of the 1960's. If you remember the show, there are six stranded people, including the Skipper, Gilligan, a millionaire, his wife, a professor, and Marianne. The scenario is that your sailing ship has wrecked on an abandoned island and you and this band are marooned there. The object of Gilligan's Island is to avoid all the little pitfalls and traps on the Island, while completing sundry quests/tasks so that you can get off the deserted Island. The good news is that scattered around Gilligan's island are ropes and Bananas which give extra health. There is also an hourglass that will add a minute to your timer. While the Adventures of Gilligan's Island is a platform game, it is not a standard platformer. That is to say, instead of you making your way from one point to another point, you must follow clues that are given by The Howells, Marianne or the Professor. Strangely, you don't play as Giligan, you play as the skipper, with Gilligan merely accompanying you as comic relief. And indeed he is quite funny at times with his little quips, falls and quotes. Completing these tasks is the only way that you and your shipmates will get off the Island. Standing in your way are all sorts of beasts including Cougars and wild boars. As skipper you can only use your fists to punch and ward off animals (there are no weapons on Gilligan's island), but you can also use your wits by strategizing and dodging the birds that fly at you. I like that if Gilligan should clumsily fall into a pit or something, you must go back and get him or else you will play the game alone. That lends for a little realism in this surreal island adventure. There are only four stages to the Adventures of Gilligan's Island, but the game is still a challenge and a lot of fun. So though this is rare game and probably hard to find in good condition, it is worth it if only for the amusement and fun nostalgia. And let's not forget, because it is a rare find, it is a collector's item.

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