The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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#gm0170 - Developed and published by SETA U.S.A., Inc., and released in June of 1989, Mark Twain's literary vision of Tom Sawyer's exploits come to life in this platform adventure where you play Tom (or Huckleberry Finn in 2 player mode). Just remember, the story has absolutely NOTHING to do with the book, except for the names like Tom, Huck, Becky, and Injun Joe. the scenario is that Tom is a brave, but poor boy from early American history that is always looking for adventure. The Adventure begins as Tom sawyer sleeps in school and is caught up into his own dream. He has to square off against enemy pirates, skeletons, mice, dragons and even a giant octopus, through forests, haunted houses, and even the sky. His weapons are rock and sling shot, but his strategic use of jumping and avoiding obstacles like rolling barrels are also important. If you succeed in successfully navigating Tom down the Mississippi River, you may just conquer this game. This is not an easy game, it's definitely a challenge. it's somewhat like Mario (except with end-of-level bosses), and the gameplay is very smooth and responsive. despite what some claim, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is actually a good game that will keep you coming back for more. Rarity Rating B

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