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#gm0135 - Developed by Bally Midway Manufacturing Co. and published by SunSoft, Xenophobe was released in December of 1988. This rare game is a port of the 1987 arcade game whose premise and setting is based upon the hit movie Aliens. And along those lines, the scenario is that you have received a distress call from space stations orbiting your home world, and as a single ship escapes to tell the tale of the acid-spitting alien xenos, you ready a few good men to combat this threat. It is your job to combat the Xenophobe threat before the aliens take over your home world and indeed the entire universe. Xenophobe requires you to go into a space station under attack by Xenos. Your job is to fight and eradicate all the Xenos slime before the space ship self-destructs. You get points at the end of each station for the number of valuable items you have picked up. Your weaponry is a standard issue Ray Beam to start out with. But you can pick up better weaponry along the way. Some of these weapons include bombs, lightning guns, Phasers and Poofer guns. This is a very challenging game, and so although it has only nine levels to beat, they are nine very difficult levels. Although this game has no music (some say that's a good thing), and the graphics are not top of the line, once you start playing this game, it can become extremely addictive. (Rarity Rating B-)

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