Yo! Noid

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#gm0107 - Developed and published by Capcom Co., Ltd. Yo! Noid was released in November of 1990. The game is a third-person perspective side-scrolling platformer. If you are too young to be familiar with the Noid, it was the 1980's red cartoonish character/mascot/representative for Domino's Pizza. The Noid would basically run around trying to stop people from enjoying Dominos pizza. The catch-phrase of the day was, "Avoid the Noid!" But don't worry, in this game he's the good guy. And don't let the commercial fool you, this game is surprisingly good. The scenario of Yo! Noid is simple. You play as Noid and travel through sewer, ice and circus stages defeating the baddies with your Yo-Yo. Some of the evil noid attackers include flying football players, Fire fighters on pogo sticks and of course, Elvis (thank you very much) with a plunger. call me crazy, but this game is a "lot" of fun. There are power-ups in the game, and you even get to use a skateboard and enter Pizza eating contests against your counterpart, the "Evil Noid!" The graphics on Yo Noid are pleasant and the music isn't bad either. It all blends together quite well to make Yo Noid for NES a very entertaining, fun and strange game. (Rarity Rating C+)

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