NES Cleaning Kit


  - nes-030-2 - This is a brand new, rare, unopened, factory sealed, authenticated horizontal H seam (official Nintendo seal) collector's item. The NES Cleaning Kit maintains the contact points of your control deck and game paks for peak performance. Regular use can extend the life of your Nintendo NES system. The cleaning kit contains insert cartridge, control deck cleaner, extra cleaning pad for game cartridge, game cleaning stick suitable for wet or dry use ends, instruction manual and inserts. These items are are used to clean your Nintendo Entertainment System's 72 pin connectors and your Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game's contacts. Enlarge This is a must have for any serious Nintendo game enthusiast because it will prevent the buildup of grime on your machine's contacts. It not only extends the life of your console's critical 72 pin connector, but also of your NES games by keeping them cleaner and preventing the transfer of oxidation. The cleaner cartridge inserts into your console just like a regular NES game. By manipulating it in and out a few times, it removes buildup of dust, dirt, grime and oxidation from your console's pin contacts. Often those who think they need a new pin because of scrambled images, flashing (blinking) and blank screen find that one use of this will fix their console so it works like new again. If you have a NES You NEED this Item! Brand New, factory sealed. Rarity Rating "B" - NES Cleaning Kit cartridge review by Prince NES Gamer.

Product Details

  • UPC: 045496620080
  • Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Region: NTSC
  • Type: NES Cleaning Accessory
  • Manufactuer: Nintendo od America Inc.
  • Class: OEM
  • Condition: Brand New, Factory Sealed

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