Naki Eliminator Cleaning Kit for NES


ac0004_2 - This is a pre-owned, slightly used Naki Eliminator, which is used to clean your Nintendo Entertainment System's 72 pin connector. Widely considered as "THE BEST" NES 72 Pin connector System Cleaner, hands down! This is because the Eliminator does not feature the cloth based cleaning insert that often snags on your 72 pin connector and can ruin them. It also allows for wet or dry cleaning, and comes with its own special cleaning solution. The Naki Eliminator Cleaning Kit is rare and hard to find these days, especially in this condition. The NES Eliminator Cleaning Kit is a "must have" for any serious Nintendo game enthusiast because it will prevent the buildup of grime on your machine's 72 pin contacts to prevent power flashes, blank screens and scrambled pictures. It not only extends the life of your console's critical pins, but also of your NES games by keeping them cleaner and preventing the transfer of oxidation. This cleaning system slides into your console just like a NES game. And by manipulating it in and out a few times, it removes dirt, grime and oxidation. Often those gamers who "think" they need a new pin because of blinking and blank screen find that one use of this will fix their console so it works like new again. Also includes Cleaning pad tools for your Nintendo NES games and cleaning fluid.

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