NES Blinking Light Win 72 Pin Connector Replacement Service


nesm010 - We will replace your Nintendo NES 72 Pin connector with the new version "Blinking Light Win," the intelligent aternative to finicky connectors. With both a successful re-design of the original Nintendo console cartridge carrier slot (see picture), this repair part for the original NES supercedes all previous attempts of repairing the "72 pin connector". And to make your original Nintendo experience so much more than what it was before, the Blinking Light Win (BLW) also features no region lockout. No more clipping the pin on youer chip. Meaning that you can now sucessfully play any region original NES game with this original NES repair and modification. With this mod you still have to clean your game's contacts, but you will never have to buy another pin connector again.

We are a Professional NES Sales, Mod and Repair service. We guarantee all our work and mod to your NES system. The cost for this mod service is $59.99 plus Shipping costs, which includes the BLW mod, parts and installation. Your package should only be around 3.6 lbs. Often the problem with most NES consaoles is simply the 72 pin connector. This will eleviate tha problem. Simply mail in your Nintendo Entertainment System (link and address below), packed securely so the case will not get cracked, and we will repair and ship your NES back to you usually within one day of receiving it (if paid by Credit Card or Paypal). Do not send accessories, power cords, or games. We do not need these and it will only serve to make your shipping costs higher. Send the game control deck (console) only. Print out the mail-in form and write in the space provided any problem you are having with it. Or simply enclose a note. That's all there is to it. NES Repair Service includes Parts, labor and return shipping. Note: You do not press the game down with this mod.

Stop stop blowing into your NES carts or throwing away consoles that are a piece of gaming history. Start "Winning" over the infamous "Blinking Original Nintendo Light". And another great thing is that, for you NES Purists or original NES enthusiasts, you can return your NES right back to its original configuration simply by reinstalling the original parts (we will return them to you). There are no permanent modifications made to your Classic NES console. It's a Blinking Light Win Win situation.

Use Link Below (will open in new window) for Shipping address and OMA:

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Note: We do not repair the 6" X & 1/2" Mini-NES (commonly called the Top Loader) Model, as they have an inherent defect with RF video. So please do not mail this type system in for repairs.

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