NES Legend of Zelda Tips and Tactics Strategy Guide


nesm001 - Pre-owned collecter's item - The Original Legend of Zelda Tips and Tactics is now a highly sought after rare classic gem. This is a neat, early, informative strategy guide for the classic Zelda original and complete with excellent tips and plans of action. It features great pictures and descriptions of the dungeons, plus a fantastic "must have" fold out map for the expansive Legend of Zelda realm. Beside the map, also included in this booklet are all the descriptions and official art work of the various items you'll need, and all of the various enemies you'll meet in the game. You will find detailed directions for how to navigate through the overworld, and also informative sketches of the first six dungeons. For the final three dungeons you are not given detailed maps, only hints and tips to keep things challenging. The Legend of Zelda Tips and Tactics booklet is really the first Strategy Guide / simi- walk-through of its time, and a classic for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It set the stage for later guides and walkthroughs to follow. With detailed directions on how to defeat the enemies of the game, it pioneered the standard for the strategy Guides that followed for later game systems. The Legend of Zelda Tips and Tactics and instruction booklet is hard to find in this condition, and near impossible complete with map. It is a genuine "must have" collectable for any NES collector or enthusiast. If it is not on your NES must get list, then you don't know NES. Really well done, and surely worth your money, time and efforts.

Paperback: 99 pages
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten (1987)
Editor: Masayoshi Suzuki
U.S. Editor: Howard Philips with Lynn Griffes
U.S. Version Producer: Tsutomu Otsuka
Language: English

Pre-owned collectable - Includes booklet Only - UPC: N/A - ESRB Rating N/A, - Rarity Rating B+ The Legend of Zelda Tips & tactics Strategy Guide Review by "NES Gamer".

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