F-Zero (Brand New - Factory Sealed)


  - SGM0034_2 - Brand NEW! Developed and Published by Nintendo of America Inc., "F-Zero" was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in August of 1991. It is a futuristic sci-fi racing game that was the first in the series of F-Zero games, and perhaps one of the most revolutionary racing games of its era. The scenario is that it is the year 2560. The F-Zero racing championship is the greatest racing competition in the universe. And Racers from all over the galaxy come to risk everything as they battle for the title in super charged hovercrafts. You can race as one of four diverse drivers, and you must masster the 15 challenging tracks (and many short cuts). Each track has obstacles designed to cause havoc on you, and the other drivers have the same Modus Operandi. You can play in one of three difficulty levels and two (Grand Prix and Practice) gameplay modes. You must drive your hovercraft racer at high speeds to the winning circle to ultimately become the champ. And there are plenty of antagonists who want the same thing and will challenge you for position on the track. And if you can cope with other racers, there are also the holes in the track, magnets and land mines. Pilot your hovercraft racer through high jumps and dangerous curves. F-Zero is an exciting and intense SNES game that doesn't disappoint. The dazzling Mode 7 graphics of F-Zero are amazing in areas like Mute city and Fire Field, and the tracks and buildings are very well done. The sound track is also excellent. As far as gameplay, its functionality creates a near perfect racing adventure. There is battery-backed memory chip that records and stores the top ten races from each track. F Zero tops many Top 10 lists of the best racing games ever made. And whether you are racing against friends, or just trying to best your top score, it is always fun and addictive. The fact is, it is games like F-Zero that make the SNES worth owning. Brand New, Factory Sealed, Shrink Wrapped - ESRB Rating E, for Everyone - Rarity Rating C Review by "NES Gamer".

Product Details

  • UPC: 045496830021
  • Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • Region: NTSC
  • ESRB Rating: "E" for Everyone
  • Genre: Futuristic, Racing
  • Condition: Brand New, Factory Sealed

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