sgm0112 - Developed by Macrospace Ltd, Quintet Co., Ltd. and Published by Square Enix Mobile, "Actraiser" was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) on November 1, 1991. ActRaiser is a first-generation Super NES game, one of the first made for the SNES console. It is a 3rd person perspective, 2D, side-scrolling and top-down platformer game that is a beautiful collage of action, great music, masterful visuals and societal development that places it high on the lists of great SNES games. Indeed, playing with religious overtones, this classic looks and sounds much better than many touted games that came out later in the system's life. The fact is, Act Raiser is a work of art with exquisite presentation and theme, that has endured over the years precisely because of this. Revolutionary at the time, this game featured a unique combination outstanding design and fun action blended seamlessly with simulation-based gameplay. You play the role of someone called the Master, who is a dethroned deity who has unfortunately fallen under control of a villain called the Evil One. Actraiser expands alternating between two courses, which are an action and simulation styles that look completely different. In action, you fight against seemingly insurmountable odds to overcome six diverse locations. When you overcome a particular location, it will unlocks the simulation course. In simulation, you play as overseer and steward of the conquered land, handling its development and re-population. This is what endears you to the populous who will follow you and ultimately bring restoration of your powers so that you can go to the next location and conquer it. The mission is to ultimately find and defeat the Evil One. The music is some of the first by famed musician Yuzo Koshiro and it definitely raised the standards for what we would expect in other games soundtracks. The graphics in Actraiser for SNES are great, and the architecture mastered the console's ability to use rich its 16-bit colors, to feature detailed, large Bosses and non bleeding multilayered backgrounds. And last, but not least, the gameplay and control in both the action and simulation scenes of this game are outstanding. It features a menu, command, select system. You an angel around to direct the development and growth of your land, and also to battle the various enemies that will appear on the scene. Control of this angel is very good, with left and right movements, performing magic, jumping, ducking and using your sword very easy to perform. A great addition for any SNES game collector. Pre-owned - Includes Game Only, no manual or instructions are included. Rarity Rating "C+". ActRaiser game review by Prince NES Gamer.

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  • UPC: 719631000036
  • Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • Region: NTSC
  • ESRB Rating: K/A
  • Genre: Action / RPG / Simulation
  • Condition: Pre-owned excellent condition

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