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#sgm0049 - Developed and Published by Nintendo Co., Ltd. Yoshi's Safari was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1993. This is a rare game, and it is generally accepted that it is the best game ever created for use of the Nintendo Super Scope gun accessory. Using Nintendo's Mode 7 capabilities, combined with the pinpoint accuracy of the Super Scope, this game marvelously creates the best game experience of its kind. In this unique 1st-Person Perspective Mario Super Scope shooter adventure game, the evil King Bowser and his wicked spawn have invaded and taken over the kingdom of Jewelry Land. They have stolen the Kingdom's precious magic crystals and now it's up to Mario and Yoshi to find King Bowser and bring an end to his evil plans. You play as Mario in Yoshi's Safari. Just pick up your trusty Super Scope, hop on Yoshi, and cut down the evil offspring of Bowser to retrieve the crystals. There are 12 adventurous levels, that you can replay for higher scores. Gameplay in Yoshi's Safari consists of evasive maneuvers of Yoshi and using your gun to shoot the villains before they attack you. The courses in Yoshi's safari are in the vein of the tracks in Mario Kart, and just as much fun. There are lots of secret areas and other bonuses can be unlocked by shooting at special gates. And of course, there are the usual bosses that you must defeat before you can move on to the next area. One of the greatest aspects of Yoshi's Safari is the automatic fire on the Super Scope. This is where you can hold down the fire button for continuous firing for a limited time, before you had to stop for the weapon to recharged. This rapid fire action comes in very handy at times. Yoshi's Safari for SNES supports single or multi-player game modes. In two player mode, a friend can play along and control Yoshi while you shoot away at the enemies. The sound is entertaining, the graphics are smartly designed, and all the items and enemies are both innovative and fun. There is some animated violence, but generally suitable for all ages. In japan this game is entitled, "Yoshi no Road Hunting". Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - UPC: 045496830212 - ESRB Rating E for Everyone - Rarity Rating B- Super Scope Required - Yoshi's Safari Review by "NES Gamer".

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