#sgm0100 - Developed by Sculptured Software, Inc. and Published by Parker Brothers, "Monopoly" was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1992. Monopoly for the SNES is a isometric, top-Down strategy game adaptation that introduces a whole new generation of new gamers to the classic Parker Brothers home board game that has been around for nearly seventy-five years. To be perfectly frank, I was pleasantly surprised by this game as I was expecting a cheap cheesy poorly developed knock-off, and instead got a professional nicely architectural rendition of the classic. In short, the Monopoly board game loses nothing in the translation to the SNES platform. The object and gameplay is reproduced with all the aspects of the original board game. If you know Monopoly (and who doesn't) you know it is basically a fun real estate game whose object is to bankrupt your opponents. Roll the dice, move your game pieces, buy or trade properties, circle the board, build houses and hotels, and charge rent to make extra money. Your movements can either be simple moves like the board game, or presented as 3D animations. In my view the 3D animation mode is quite an advancement, where we can actually see the game pieces move down the streets passing the various properties. Like on the board game, the more expensive properties are, the more rent is, and the more you should covet it. The AI is very good, and you can play with up to eight players with a multi-tap. There was even a time when you could actually play this game over the Internet with a com gadgets and networks that supported it (no longer supported). There have been many versions of Monopoly for gaming systems, and this is one of the best. If you love monopoly, then you'll love Monopoly for the SNES. Because from the look of the board to the details of the moving pieces and deeds, every detail of the board game is accounted for in the Super Nintendo version. The replay value is also very good, because the game is both addictive and challenging. Pre-owned - UPC: 073000040970 - ESRB Rating "E" for Everyone - Rarity Rating C+ - Monopoly game review by NES Gamer

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