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sgm0044 - Developed and Published by Nintendo of America Inc., "Mario paint" for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was released on August 1, 1992. Mario Paint is an innovative game unlike any other that was produced for the SNES. It virtually an educational drawing workshop that lets your creativity and imagination run wild. This tool may seem targeted at children, but it is actually suitable and enjoyable for all ages. It allows users to create pictures and animate them on screen via a SNES mouse controller. With Mario Paint you can paint or color over black and white pictures or you can make your own drawings by freehand with the uniquely developed SNES Mouse.. The program also features a stamping tool that allows the user to stamp on various cliparts and change and paint them. You can either use the stamp tool, or you can design your own unique stamp. There are 9 different special erasers in mario paint, including abrupt, fade, rocket, split image, water, timed, pixilated, blinds and rain. Another nice little feature of Mario Paint is the built in fast-paced action minigame of Fly Swat called, "Gnat Attack." this minigame is quite interesting in its own right. Use the SNES mouse to maneuver a swatter to attack flying pests before you get killed. And if you are in the composing mood, you can create your own music in the SNES music composer, which is very addicting. You actually get a treble staff where you can place notes in the key of C from nearly twenty different instruments on it. You can change the pre-loaded songs in Mario Paint, or if you are musical, you can create your own unique tunes. It even allows you to change the tempo, and there are lots of nice sound effects to work with.

Mario Paint Features:
- Battery back-up
- Super Nintendo Mouse included
- 30 different colors
- Create an animation
- 60 different textures, backgrounds and patterns
- A variety of usable tools
- 75 different stamps
- 15 customizable stamps

Mario Paint is a fun and interesting game that will keep you and your children busy for hours on end. I was really surprised at how many different designs and colors were here, and how much you could do with this game. Pick it up if you get the chance. Pre-owned - Includes Mario Paint game and Mouse Only. No instruction manual or packaging is included. - ESRB Rating E for Everyone - Rarity Rating C - Review by "NES Gamer".

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