U.N. Squadron


#sgm0061 - SNES Game Review - Developed and Published by Capcom Co., Ltd., "U.N. Squadron" was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in September of 1991. This is one of the very best action packed side-scrolling shoot-em-up games, a rare classic similar to the super classics like Gradius, but with more involved and diverse missions. You choose to play as one of three unique pilots, which are Shin Kazama, Micky Schymon or Greg Gates. But choose wisely, because each pilot has varying capabilities and skills which affect weapons, flying skills and damage repair. When you start the game you will only be able to fly the weakest plane, the F8E Crusader, which is only be armed with basic weapons. The screnario of U.N. squadron is that a group called Project 4 has taken over control of the nation of Aslan and hold 8 bases. There is only a small airfield left in allied hands, which is called "Area 88." From this tiny base you command a squad of pilots in sea battles, dogfights, submarine attacks and counter strikes. Enemy aircraft are gathered around the allied airspace of 'Area 88', and it is up to you to defeat them in a series of eight diverse challenging military scenarios and missions. Through completing various missions, enough cash can be raised to purchase 6 higher-quality aircraft. These aircraft are superior to the Crusader, have improved resilience to attack, can be equipped with special weapons, are more agile and have a greater range of fire. Control one of these six high-powered aircraft over raging Oceans to attack a nuclear sub, blazing deserts to liquidate sand bases or deep into enemy jungles to destroy supply camps. In order to win the game of U.N. Squadron, you will have to destroy all eight of Project 4's bases. If you think you have what it takes, then strap up in this SNES game and have at it. There are eight beautiful environments ands a great two-player action mode. All in all, a great action flying shot-em-up action game that doesn't get old. U.N. Squadron is on everyone's classic list. In Japan, UN Squadron is known as "Area 88". Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - UPC: 013388130023 - ESRB Rating N/A - Rarity Rating C - U.N. Squadron Review by "NES Gamer".

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