Thunder Spirits


#sgm0099 - Developed by Technosoft Co., Ltd. and Published by Seika Corporation, "Thunder Spirits" was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1991. This game is a port of the side scrolling futuristic arcade shooter game, "Thunder Force AC," made as a better version of Thunder Force III. The game scenario is that you are being attacked by the enemy forces of the Orn empire, so you must get in the cockpit of your super-powered star fighter to defeat these enemy forces of evil. Just keep in mind that everything flying (but yourself) is an enemy that you must defeat before it defeats you. And you'll have to do it in 8 enemy-infested intergalactic stages over various locations including land, sea, and air. If you are not up to this task that tests your metal, you will not make it through this game alive. Thunder Spirits for SNES also features a very nice selection of weapons that you can get by catching power-ups. These upgrades of your present attack, or of adding new attacks will help you to make it to the next level. Another cool thing about it is that you can review and change up weapons on the fly. And these will be sufficiently powerful to help you make it through, but be aware there are many dangerous challenges that await you along the way. As for the gameplay, Thunder Spirits is very simple but excellently instituted, with very good graphics and sound to fit the action. You have to keep an eye on your health bar, but that won't be a problem if you plan well and show no mercy. Thunder Spirits for SNES is a fast paced action game that few people have heard about, but everyone who plays it enjoys. A lot of fun, but also very challenging and difficult in the later stages. The replay value is very good, because you will enjoy playing this game over and over without being bored. Pre-owned - UPC: 044499006044 - ESRB Rating "T" for Teens (Animated Violence) - Rarity Rating C - Thunder Spirits game review by NES Gamer

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