sgm0074 - Developed and Published by Asmik Corp. of America, "D-Force" was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in December of 1991. The game scenario is that a maniacal megalomaniac in the middle east is threatening the civilized world, and the world is depending upon you to stop this mad man. D-Force is a 3rd-Person, Top-Down scrolling pure action shooter, where you pilot the D-FORCE, which is a powerful state of the art Nuclear Apache attack helicopter. And you'll need every bit of your skill in piloting it as you enter into some of the most intense combat you've ever seen. You will have to battle your way through six countries and armies in seven tough levels, and huge Bosses, in order to reach this mad man. Standing in your way is an army of fighter Jets, helicopters, and mutants that try to turn your platform into scrap metal. You are helped by defeated enemies sometimes leaving power-ups that replace the helicopter's standard weapon with homing missiles as a secondary weapon. D-Force has two modes. The standard arcade shooter mode, and also the exploration mode. In the exploration mode, your attack helicopter is threatened by mutants creatures instead of planes and helicopters. The music is catchy, the graphics are really nice for a first-generation SNES cart. The bosses are huge and colorful, and the scenery is well done. The gameplay is very good also. So, if you like shooters, get in the cockpit and help keep the world safe from world tyrants in D-FORCE. D-Force is also known as "DForce," and in Japan as "Dimension Force" Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - ESRB Rating M for Mature (Animated Violence) - UPC: 096066911114 - Rarity Rating C+ - D-Force Review by "NES Gamer".

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