Clayfighter: Tournament Edition


SGM0032 - Developed by Visual Concepts Entertainment, Inc. and Published by Interplay Productions, Inc., "Clayfighter: Tournament Edition" was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in November 22, 1994. This is a 2D serious hand-to-hand combat fighting game that is bigger and better than the original Clayfighter, as the graphics are better, gameplay faster and action is more intense and smoother than ever because this version features 24 Megs of memory on the cart. And there was added additional voice overs to take trash talking to another level, and you can name your character for complete customizing. In Clayfighter: Tournament Edition, all the characters are all made of clay and they are actually pretty cool looking. Needless to say, you can expect some interesting moves, hilarious antics and stylized graphics. The simplicity and lack of realism of Clayfighter makes this the perfect odd-ball game for the young at heart. There are eight diverse characters which you can play as, including the stretchable candy Taffy; Tiny, a wrestling type who punches instead of wrestles; a Pumpkin-headed ghost named Ickybod Clay, a lunatic clown with a hammer, called Bonker; an obese opera singer named Helga; a snowman with an attitude named Bad Mister Frosty, the Morphing goojitsu master, Blob; and the fat Elvis impersonator, Blue Suede Goo. Each of these diverse characters all have their own unique levels, special moves and fighting styles. The graphics of Clayfighter are very well done, and the backgrounds for the levels are appropriate, with animated water and waves flowing, or clouds passing by. Clayfighter has outstanding animation, and all of the characters actually look as if they are made of clay. There is also great work done on the digitized speech, music and sound. The voice of the game announcer is as realistic as they come, and the opening there awesome for the time period. Clayfighter has plenty of secret moves for you to discover and many combination attacks. You will love the multiplayer mode with a friend, as ClayFighter: Tournament Edition features a new three and four hit combination attacks! You can also now play in single elimination or double elimination mode. Or play with your friends in sudden death tournaments with up to eight human competitors to battle it out for the championship title. There is also a new tournament ladder with winners and losers brackets that will help you keep all your competitions organized. This is a unique fighting game that is actually pretty funny, with its off-beat humor and interesting graphics. But it has to be taken in the context it was intended. It is a title worth playing, if only for the jocularity of the fat Elvis character. Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - ESRB Rating N/A (Animated Violence) - Rarity Rating C- ..Clay Fighter: Tournament Edition Review by "NES Gamer".

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