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#nus-007 - These are the Pre-owned Genuine Original Nintendo 64 Expansion Paks, not the cheap 3rd party imitations pacs that proliferate the web, which often don't work correctly, or the contacts are not aligned correctly, or that can short out your system. If you are one of the Gamers who likes to get the most out of your Nintendo 64 gaming System, then the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak is a must have to beef up your System. This is the 4 meg RAM memory expansion pak upgrade that doubles original 4MB of memory, for a total of 8MB. The results of this memory boost are very noticeable in the game cartridges that support the add-on. The genuine original Nintendo 64 expansion pak plugs into the N64 expansion pak port and doubles the 4 megs of memory that came as standard to the Nintendo 64, to 8 megs. This extra memory increase some games resolution from 320 x 240 pixels up to 640 x 480 pixels, and boosted frame rate performance for a much finer, crisper looking picture. It allowed the Nintendo 64 system to have more room for texture data. And not only can it increases artificial intelligence and sound quality, but will increase game performance in many ways that you may not even readily notice. The N84 expansion pak replaces the standard Jumper Pak to give you smooth 3D, high-resolution graphics, and much more complex gameplay. Games like "Conker's Bad Fur Day," "Command & Conquer," "Turok 2," "Shadow man," "Extreme G," "XG2" and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. While the classic 2000 Bond game "Perfect Dark" does not require the N64 expansion pak, both Rare and Nintendo readily admit that only around 35 percent of the game is playable without the Expansion Pak. The expansion Pak is actually required for some games like Donkey Kong 64 and the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The bottom line is, with the Nintendo 64 expansion pak all your games will sound, play and look as great as they possibly can. Review by NES Gamer.

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