Major League Baseball: Featuring Ken Griffey Jr


n64gm149 - Developed by Angel Studios and Published by Nintendo of America Inc., "Major League Baseball: Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.," was released for the Nintendo 64 (N64) Entertainment System on May 25, 1998. This is simply a super arcade styled full Major League Baseball game featuring the second-generation baseball superstar Ken Griffey Jr. as well as many other outstanding major league baseball stars in their prime (Ripken, Griffey, Gwin, Oneil, Thomas, Wetland, etc). Ken supplies his motion captured moves and voice to the game, and all teams and players are available for exhibition, season and world series modes. Major League Baseball: Featuring Ken Griffey Jr pays a great deal of attention to detail and gamers love that. Up to two players can play in season modes, with a further two for 4 player home run derby. In this mode, the winner is determined by the amount of home runs that you can hit out of the park. The pitching is great, fast, realistic and also quite easy-to-understand. The gameplay is very good, and features an outstanding Artificial intelligence and improved batting mechanics and pitching styles. It's really very well done, illustrated by a general manager function that rejects and pulls off trades with a creditable and uncanny knowledge of values. One of the best things about this is the choice of hitting systems. You can choose between Classic" and "Arcade." The graphics are also outstanding, animation and ball physics are impressive, and with improved textures that give this game a more realistic look. And let's not forget the impressive sound effects and music. Make sure that you turn on the background music in the options menu screen because the in-game sound is simply wonderful. From great PA announcing of the player's batting number in the inning, position, and names, to the umpire calls and crack of the bat. It's all good. And you also have team stats tracking through-out the season. All in all Major League Baseball: Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. is not only challenging, but realistic as far as positioning players, pitching and hitting. It has precision control and nicely done authentic polygon graphics. I'll give you a tip here, the game features various command cheats, including one that allows Ken Griffey Jr to raise his bat toward the center field bleachers, calling his shot, and hitting a home rum. I won't give you the cheat, but it's not hard to find. I loved playing this game and recommend it. Also known as Ken Griffy Jr. Includes game only, no manual or instructions are included. Major League Baseball: Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. game review by Prince NES Gamer.

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  • UPC: 045496870157
  • Platform: Nintendo 64
  • Compatibility: Rumble Pak
  • Region: NTSC (North America)
  • ESRB Rating: "E" for Everyone
  • Genre: Sports / Baseball
  • Condition: Pre-owned

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