Vigilante 8


n64gm197 - Developed by Luxoflux Corp. and Published by Activision, Inc., "Vigilante V8" was released for the Nintendo 64 (N64) Entertainment System on March 17, 1999. Vigilante 8 is a beautiful 3rd-person perspective shoot-'em-up driving game that also happens to be a lot of fun. The premise is fairly uncomplicated: enter the level, drive around picking up weapons, and blast your opponents to kingdom come. Any questions? There are several vehicles to control in the game, from a nimble dune buggy to a hard-to-kill pickup complete with camper. There's even a UFO in the two-player mode. Lining a target up in your sights is easy enough using the digital pad, and controlling the vehicle is even more smooth when you use the analog pads on a Dual Shock controller. You'll need all the help you can get, as the enemy vehicles are relentless.

Graphically this game is a stunner, with terrific lighting effects and over-the-top explosions. The sprawling environments you'll encounter are universally detailed and interactive. You'll slide sideways down a ski slope on a snowy mountain during one of the game's more frantic levels. Another fun challenge involves dodging incoming aircraft at the airplane graveyard in the dusty desert. Action fans will undoubtedly want to see the world from behind the wheel of the cars in Vigilante 8. --Game review by T. Byrl Baker Pre-owned - Includes Game Only, no manual or instructions are included.

Product Details

  • UPC: /47875108110
  • Platform: Nintendo 64 Entertainment System (N64)
  • Region: Code NTSC-U/C (US/CA)
  • Compatibility: Controller Pak
  • ESRB Rating: "T" for Teens
  • Genre: Action / Racing / Shooter
  • Class: Licensed
  • Rarity Rating: "C"
  • Game Format: Cartridge
  • Condition: Pre-owned excellent condition

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