NBA Courtside 2: Featuring Kobe Bryant


n64gm298 - Developed by Left Field Productions and Published by Nintendo of America Inc., "NBA Courtside 2: Featuring Kobe Bryant" was released for the Nintendo 64 Entertainment System (N64) in November of 1999. The Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant returns to the hardwood in this follow-up to 1998's best-selling Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside. The most notable new addition to the game is the updated graphic engine that allows for rounder polygonal faces and visible player reactions. As in the original, the developers at Left Field Entertainment utilized motion-capture technology to recreate signature moves from more than twenty NBA professionals. Besides the standard jumping, passing and shooting, players can initiate crossover dribbles, give-and-gos, spins, fakes, alley-oops, first-step moves and intentional fouls. In order to shake and bake with the best the NBA has to offer, players can make use of a Turbo Meter that will either let them drive to the hoop in a quick burst of speed or perform special dribble moves. This turbo isn't unlimited, however, and the meter will gradually diminish with every steal attempt, speed burst and special move you use on the competition. If you don't take the time to rest your player, you'll find that fatigue has set in!

Those who prefer to play the game more like a simulation can do so with eight different offensive sets that can be called on the fly: Box, Perimeter, Motion, High Post, Low Post, Isolation, In Triangle and Out Triangle. Coaches in training will be able to make substitutions during the game, play with full-court pressure, set each player's defensive pressure to one of three levels (low, medium or high), and set double-teams to take that star offensive player out of the game. A total of five modes of play are available in the game: Quick Play, NBA Play, Arcade Play, 3-Point Contest and Practice. The Quick Play mode lets players jump right into a single game as the team of their choice, while NBA Play offers players the chance to embark on a 82-game Season (which can be reduced to 56, 28, 14 or 13 games), a Playoff series or a Preseason game for practice. Arcade Play is designed for those who prefer fast-paced action (15% faster to be exact), unlimited turbo and Hot Spots that randomly appear on the court. These Hot Spots are worth 5, 10 or 15 points apiece, which means you'll receive a bonus if you make a shot while standing on one. Arcade Play also includes "Sonic Boom" dunks that knock down players and "Smokin" moves whenever you use turbo, pass and dribble. If these features aren't enough for you, Arcade Play also offers higher shooting percentages and more relaxed defenses to keep scores high.

The other two modes, 3-Point Contest and Practice, are basically what you would expect: the 3-Point Contest has you trying to make as many long-range shots as possible within a time limit, while Practice mode lets you work on your various moves before participating in a "real" game. In addition to the five standard modes of play, NBA Courtside 2 Featuring Kobe Bryant offers a Create Player option that will let users put themselves in the game. Preowned and in excellent condition. Includes Game Only, no box, case, or instruction manual is included.

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  • UPC: 0045496870539
  • Platform: Nintendo 64 Entertainment System (N64)
  • Region: NTSC (N. America)
  • ESRB Rating: "E" for Everyone
  • Genre: Sports / Basketball
  • Class: Licensed
  • Rarity Rating: "C+"
  • Game Format: Cartridge
  • Condition: Pre-owned excellent condition

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