Hybrid Heaven


N64GM063 - Developed and Published by Konami, "Hybrid Heaven" was released for the Nintendo 64 System (N64) on September 1, 1999. Hybrid Heaven is a Nintendo 64 game that combines role-playing management and leveling, a fighting game system, and a third-person adventure's exploration and puzzle-solving action into one Nintendo 64 cartridge. You play this game as the hybrid called Diaz in a futuristic drama that primarily evolves underground in New York City. The plot overview is mysterious and involved (advanced with nice cutscenes), with the overview being that Aliens want to take over the United States. Their desire is to replace the President of the country with a clone. But they start gradually with a calculated replacing of advisors and Secret Service operatives with clones. After a Collaborator named Diaz has a meeting with a clone, that goes bad, he begins his journey into the dark underground facility and the journey begins. As you play as Diaz in the overworld third person perspective, you must explore the world, get items, and increase your security card's rank. Diaz has a defuser weapon that only affect the mechanical men Ray Beam-emitting sentries. In battle, you learn new attacks as they are performed on you. The controls are nice with an energy meter, which determines the power of your attack. The N64 game Hybrid Heaven features a dark, hi-tech world of role-playing, leveling, an inventive combat system and brilliant compelling cutscenes, and supports the N64 expansion pak. It is a game where battling, exploring, and adventuring all blend together in the dangerous world of intrigue that is Hybrid Heaven. UPC: 083717180098 - Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - ESRB Rating T for Teen - Rarity Rating C+ - Hybrid Heaven Review by "NES Gamer".

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