Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Earth (Japanese Import)

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#n64gm127 - Japanese Import - Developed by Treasure Co., Ltd. and Published by Nintendo Co., Ltd., this game was released on November 21, 2000 for the Japanese Nintendo 64 (NTSC-J) Entertainment System. "Sin and Punishment: The Successor to the Earth" is one of the most sought after Nintendo 64 titles in the console's library. The name is the US working title, as this critically acclaimed import was never released in the United States. This arcade style hidden gem is a 3rd-Person Perspective, 3-D rail type shooter, and the action is so fast and furious that you may have a hard time keeping up with it. But the real strength of this game is its epic set-pieces, like the ocean fleet chapter. To say the least, they are outstanding. That this is one of the few 3-D games Treasure has made, doesn't change the fact that it is of of the best 3-D games created. S&P features great design, a mature storyline that is much deeper than your average Nintendo N64 shooter, and has frenetic, high-energy action. The game scenario is set in a future Japan where there are genetically mutated creatures named Rufian who were originally bred to manage food production in the overpopulated Earth, but who have gone rogue and revolted against their human masters. Our heroes are two teenage rebels, 14-year-old Saki Amamiya and 15-year-old Airan Jo. With the human military politically corrupted on one side and the Rufians raging and jeopardizing the future of Earth on the other, our heroes the rebels are forced to fight both. The gameplay is very good, but the controls take some getting used to. Shooting is done by an onscreen target scope controlled using the N64 analog stick, while the D-pad or C buttons are used to move your character through the game. The targeting has two distinct modes. The easier is the automatic lock on mode, and the more difficult is the free aiming mode. The graphics are Graphics are crisp, clean and gorgeous, pushing the N64 hardware to its limits featuring outstanding detailed 3-D levels, characters, enemies and impressive, imposing bosses. There is a one player mode, or two players can team up to play together, and the game also features a built-in EEPROM to save your game and high scores. The only downside is that it is not a really long game, and (for us U.S. residents) Treasure only translated into english some of the game (menus and training mode in English, cutscene subtitles are Japanese).

In the U.S. you will need one of the following to play this game:

  1. A modification to your N64 system cartridge Tray
  2. You can swap out the back of this catridge with a U.S. Game cartridge back
  3. A Japanese N64 System
  4. An Region adapter or sometimes a Game Shark will work

The bottom line is, despite being a "relatively" short game, Sin and Punishment is a timeless masterpiece and a true Nintendo 64 classic that is worth every penny of its import price. So run, jump, and shoot your way to victory and surprise in this sleeper, adictive classic. In Japan Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Earth is known as "Tsumi to Batsu: Chikyu no Keishousha," and is often abreviated in america as Sin and Punishment or S&P. Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - Region Code: NTSC-J (Japan) - UPC: 4902370504989 - ESRB Rating "E" for Everyone - Section: Japanese Imports - Rumble pak compatible - Rarity Rating C - Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Earth game review by NES Gamer

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