N64GM039 - Developed and published by Midway Games, Inc., "Quake" was released for the Nintendo 64 system on March 24, 1998. This is a 3-D first-person shooter with levels and enemies marvelously polygonal, which allows for a more natural level design and animations. Quake launches you through 26 dark and winding levels in search of the nightmarish conquerors. The scenario of Quake is that Invaders from another dimension are using a teleporter gates to invade the earth. You play a soldier whose base has been overrun and all his company stationed there have killed. He is out for some pay back. His mission is to search the base to find these teleporter gates, seek out these dimensional invaders (Codename Quake), and put an end to their dastardly plans of invasion. There are many hidden secrets and hidden levels to be discovered, and 25 missions (4 secret). You can build up your resistance to attacks by finding armor, Biosuits and Megahealth boxes. Your weapons will include items ranging from axes, shotguns and thunderbolts, to nailguns, rocket and grenade launchers. If you are lucky enough to find power ups in Quake, they will quadruple your attack strength. The polygonal graphics are great, allowing for more realistic lighting, nice crisp textures and very dark colors. The ambient sound effects are absolutely phenomenal and lend a very weird and scary atmosphere to Quake. Quake is also known as "Quake 1," "Quake Mobile" and "Quake 64". Pre-owned. Includes game cartridge only. Rarity Rating C - Review by NES Gamer

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