Space Station Silicon Valley


N64GM042 - Developed by DMA Design Limited and published by Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., "Space Station Silicon Valley" was released for the Nintendo 64 game System on October 21, 1998. This is a rare 3rd person action platformer, with very engaging personalities and innovative gameplay. In fact, this is probably one of the most unique and unconventional games you'll ever play on the n64. The scenario of Space Station Silicon Valley is that long into the future of around 3000 AD, scientists have created a technologically advanced amusement park and placed many mechanical robotic animals there. But soon after its launch into space, the station vanished. Its now returned and on a collision course with the earth. As a freelance adventurer called Danger Dan, you and your robot dog Evo, are enlisted to save earth from Silicon Valley. Your mission is to fly to the station, stop it from crashing into earth, and discover where it has been all this time. Unfortunately, you crash land on Space Station Silicon Valley and your dog is smashed to bits. Luckily, Dan retrieves his micro chip. As Dan goes into Silicon valley, he must contend with over 90 attacking animal robots of all shapes and sizes, like killer penguins and rocket launching tigers. He must dispatch them and can use Evo's micro chip to take over their bodies. And this is really what makes this game so much fun. The unconventional ability to take over these animals bodies, acquiring their strengths and weaknesses in the process to help you on your quest. The key to successfully getting through Space Station Silicon Valley is to use the animals' traits effectively. For example, you must use the chip in the right animal to gain its attributes and abilities, which are conducive for particular puzzle solving. Or if you place the chip in a fox robot, you can't jump but you will acquire its great speed in the game. But if you place it in a sheep, it does not have that great speed, but can inflate themselves and swim very well. These characteristics are integrated into the game very well, so that the gameplay is outstanding. The graphics are nice, the environments are sweet, and the sound appropriate to the atmosphere. Playing the game will take you through four different environment areas, with about seven levels representing a mission found in each area. Space Station Silicon Valley is so unique and fun that you will be playing it for days. The game is also known in many gaming circles as Space Station Silicone Valley or simply SSSV. Pre-owned. Includes game cartridge only. Rarity Rating B - Review by NES Gamer

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