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N64GM046 - Developed and published by Midway Games, Inc., Doom 64" was released for the Nintendo 64 game system on March 31, 1997. Doom set the standard for the first-person shooters when it first came out for the PC in 1993. And though DOOM 64 picks up where all the other DOOM games left off, the game is not divided into episodes like pc version. Originally Midway entitled the game, "The Absolution", but simplified it to "Doom 64" after fearing people might not recognize the game. The Absolution is used as the name of the last level of Doom 64. The storyline is that even though the Space Marine thought that the threat of the demons was over, one hellish creature was hidden from sensors by high levels of radiation. He has survived and has rejuvenated uncountable numbers of demons hell-bent on a last-ditch effort to resume the evil mission of destruction. Your job is to end the carnage and rid the universe once and for all of this army of darkness. And that's where the fun begins. You must obtain weapons and find the key cards and controls that are required to get to the end of each level. The game has all the weapons of the previous Doom games, and a new arrival to your arsenal is the ray gun. Doom 64 has over 30 nicely designed levels (including secret levels) that create a great visual environment, and makes for challenging action. All the enemies have been upgraded also. The gameplay is excellent, smooth and fast with nice control. The graphics (without the previous pixelation) are impressive, with detailed environments and are the great improvement over previous Doom series games. The added lightsourcing is also a great visual upgrade allowing for excellent shadowing. The characters all look sharp, even close up, and the levels are fresh and clean. There are also nice original looking texture maps for the creatures, environments and weapons. This game has great music, and the ambient sounds and effects (done by Aubrey Hodges) are eerie and somewhat haunting, punctuating your violent experience quite appropriately. This game gives you the old Doom look and feel, with new upgrades. Anyone who appreciates the blockbuster Doom series will surely enjoy this game. Doom 64 is also known in some game circles as Doom 2 and Doom 64: Absolution. Pre-owned. Includes game cartridge only. ESRB Rated M for Mature - Rarity Rating C+ - Review by NES Gamer

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