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n64gm062 - Developed by Looking Glass Studios, Inc. and Published by Nintendo of America Inc. "Command and Conquer" was released for the Nintendo 64 N64) Entertainment System on June 29, 1999. This version of Command & Conquer was specially designed for the Nintendo 64, with new unique missions and graphics not available anywhere else. It is a top-down perspective futuristic strategy game featuring 3D landscapes, polygonal units, FMV mission briefings and cut-scenes of victories. The game scenario is that a war has broken out between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod. You can take your pick of which side you wish to command depending upon your strategy. The Brotherhood of Nod (NOD) is an evil terrorist organization commanded by Kane, who is out for nothing short of world domination. The Global Defense Initiative (GDI) are elite forces that are supported by the United Nations. Each opposing organization has different buildings, vehicles, troops, fighting styles, structures and units consisting of infantry, artillery and tanks. You can command over 15 missions, building your base of operations and equipment and march into battle with Military Humvees, Orca VTOL Assault Crafts, Large Modern Tanks, and Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs). What I particularly like about this Nintendo 64 version is the added ability to configure controls on the fly, going from Medium to High-Resolution modes (requires emory extension Pak), and to do battle from elevated positions rather than down on the flat lands. Your most important task of the game is to keep the harvesters working, as they are used to collect Tiberium and deliver this needed resource to the refinery. This is how you make the money to secure additional units. Your completed missions can be replayed in order to spot flaws, and you can also save up to two games in progress. Command & Conquer is memory extension Pak compatible. The original working title for this game was "Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn." Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - UPC: 045496870454 - ESRB Rating "T" for Teens - Rarity Rating C - Command & Conquer review by NES Gamer

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