Dark Rift

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#n64gm128 - Developed by Kronos Digital Entertainment and Published by Funsoft, Vic Tokai, Inc., "Dark Rift" was released for the Nintendo 64 (N64) Entertainment System in 1997. It is a 3rd-Person Perspective 3-D action fighting game where characters battle over pieces of the ancient Master Key, that will give them ultimate power over an alternate dimension. It's a one-on-one fighting game, where you can control any of eight characters and battle through the tournament mode. Each match is from one to five rounds, with each round being one minute, ninety seconds, or without limit. They characters you may choose are Aaron Maverick (a human military expert with a MFG-16 blaster) Demonica Gkroux (an alien with flaming breath), Eve (an fencing android) Gore (a reptilian with giant battle-axe), Morphix (an alien with Swords for Arms), Niiki (an acrobat with two edged rings) Scarlet Zerai(armor-clad woman with a Sword) and Zenmuron (mysterious warrior with samurai Sword). Dark Rift for N64 also includes a practice mode. Your character can run, jump, and crouch to elude opponents. For the Nintendo 64 operating system, the graphics of Dark Rift and effects are good, particularly the lighting effects. Its super high frame rate ensures fast animations. The boss characters of darkrift are large and smartly designed, and the other characters (though block-like) move briskly and smoothly. To summarize, Dark Rift is a solid attempt at an all-out fighting game, but it is not close to perfect. In Japan, Dark Rift is known as "Space Dynamites." Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - UPC: 034912640016 - Region Code: NTSC (US/Canada) - ESRB Rating "T" for Teens - Controller pak compatible - Not Rumble pak compatible - Rarity Rating C - Dark Rift game review by NES Gamer

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