Army Men: Sarge's Heroes


#n64gm109 - Developed and Published by The 3DO Company, "Army Men: Sarge's Heroes" was released for the Nintendo 64 (N64) Entertainment System on September 30, 1999. This is the third game in the Army Men series, and adds new features such as 3DO's unique Plastosheen lighting effects, which give the army men a real-life plastic shine. This action warfare shooter game plays from a 3rd-Person Perspective, and capitalizes on one of the all-time classic toys, "little green plastic army men." This fun game lets the N64 gamer see the world at war from the army men's two-inch-tall perspective. The Sarges Hero game scenario is that Sarge's army base has been overrun by the Tan, and his entire team of elite soldiers, Bravo Company, has been captured. The Tan discovered that there are blue portals that lead to the real world, and they have traveled there to bring back amazing weapons to use in the plastic war against the Greens. You play this game as Sarge, and your mission is to rescue Bravo team, close the blue portals and put an end to Tan's evil schemes. To do this you must battle through a series of progressively more difficult missions. In doing so, if you are open minded and observant, you should become proficient in your weaponry. These include the sniper Rifle, the hand grenade, the M-16, the mortar and bazooka. The Tan will come at you with non-standard weapons from the real world, such as magnifying glasses, deadly mechanical men action figures, fire crackers and and spray cans. And you will have to confront them in both worlds, and through 14 levels. Battle infantrymen, tanks, helicopters and even insects. What I like about Army Men: Sarge's Heroes is that it features background music from war movies that give just the right pace and tension, excellent combat gameplay, missions that aren't repetitive or boring, real-world locations to scale, a nice training area that helps hone your skills, and a multiplayer mode where you can choose your own character and color ands fight against your friends or foes. There are 6 unique characters in the squad, and Sniping is a big part of the game. This game is also known as "Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 1," or "Army Men: Sarge's Heroes I." Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - Rarity Rating C - Army Men: Sarge's Heroes review by Prince NES Gamer.

Product Details

  • UPC: 790561500469
  • Platform: Nintendo 64 Entertainment System (N64)
  • Region: NTSC
  • ESRB Rating: "T" for Teens
  • Copatability: ExpansionPak, RumblePak, ControllerPak
  • Genre: Action / Shooter
  • Condition: Pre-owned excellent condition

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