Army Men: Air Combat


#n64gm098 - Developed and Published by The 3DO Company, "Army Men: Air Combat" was released for the Nintendo 64 (N64) Entertainment System on July 1, 2000. This is a top-down 3-rd person perspective action war, helicopter strategy game, similar to previous Army Men games (Army Men Air Tactics; Air Attack) in that you are a soldier for the Air Cavalry in mission-style play, and your assignment is to defeat an army of men formed of tan plastic. The toy soldiers have run amok! The game scenario is that you are Captain William Blade, a plastic toy helicopter pilot. The plastic enemies include mechanical men toys, electric trains, killer bees, dragonflies and lawn sprinklers. I loved that you get to fly in several different helicopters such as the Chinook, Apache, Huey, and Super Stallion helicopters, and each of these babies are equipped with their own unique weaponry. I particularly liked the feature that (unlike other flying games) you'll never have to worry about running out of fuel. There are 16 missions in total that you can complete, and they range from delivering supplies, saving fellow P.O.W. Army Men, to destroying enemy territory. And the environments are interactive, allowing you to pick up and use objects like soda cans, doughnuts and chicken legs. The graphics on this game are top notch, brilliant and nicely detailed. And the many diverse environments make for an eye pleasing gaming experience. The gameplay is basic, nothing really new or spectacular, but not bad either. The music and sound of Army Men: Air Combat is as good as it gets. I was tapping my feet the whole time, and each tune seemed just right for what I was doing/viewing. And with this game they have added four-player mode, making this the best game in Army Men series. If you like shooting things up, you'll enjoy Army Men: Air Combat. Preowned, includes game only - ControllerPak and RumblePak Compatible - UPC: 790561507017 - ESRB Rated "T" for Teens - Rarity Rating "C" - Army Men: Air Combat game Review by "NES Gamer".

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