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n64gm134 - Developed by Rareware and Published by Nintendo of America Inc., "Mickey's Speedway USA" was released for the Nintendo 64 (N64) Entertainment System on November 13, 2000. Cart racing has become an essential part of game systems and this is a good 3rd-Person Perspective licensed Disney racing game based on the Diddy Kong Racing game engine. And don't be fooled by its cutesy mickey mouse exterior. With its great engine, battle arena, 20 tracks, outstanding unlocks, powerups and hidden characters and gems, this is a game to be reckoned with. The game scenario is that the weasels have stolen four parts of Professor Von Drake's top-secret racer and have kidnapped Pluto. As they race away across the United states, it's up to Mickey and his friends to attempt to rescue him. The Professor works his magic on their cars to make them go faster so that they can catch up with the Weasels. The result is a race cross-country with drivers that include Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and even Pete. As far as graphics, they are visually impressive, with plenty of bright sprite, color themes for each level and smooth action, and the atmosphere is spot on. The game play and control are excellent, with the welcomed return of the famous powerslide. The Disney carts are very easy to maneuver, and feels better than the Diddy Kong Racing that its engine is based on. The sound and effects are outstanding, with happy Disney-themed soundtrack that has many jazzy tunes that uplift and fit the action perfectly. And the action is non-stop with five grand prix style circuits in Mickeys Speed Way U.S.A., and each of them has four tracks, one of which are hidden. The final circuit track can only be unlocked by finding the stolen and hidden items in the first four circuits. The game features winding courses with lots of extras like coins, power-ups, shortcuts, and speed boosts. It also has a Time Trial mode, a Practice mode to hone your skills and and a Contest or battle mode. Mickey's Speedway USA is a great multiplayer game as up to four players can race simultaneously using a split screen, or duke it out in battle mode. The game is also Rumble pak and Transfer Pak compatible (with the Game Boy Color version of Mickey's Speedway USA). Overall, this is a very good game with enough substance to keep even the most dedicated kart racing fans coming back for more. Pre-owned, includes game only - UPC: 045496870829 - ESRB Rated "E" for Everyone - Rarity Rating C - Mickey's Speedway USA game Review by "NES Gamer".

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