CR2032 Coin Cell Battery Replacement for NES, SNES or N64


pt0017a - Is your NES or SNES game not saving your progress, characters or information? Nintendo game batteries can last up to 20 years, but eventually your NES or SNES game batteries do wear out. But you can fix this annoying problem by purchasing a fresh, new battery.

Note: These are not the soldered-in coin batteries with legs, these are legless coin batteries that simply slide into a pree-fitted slot. If you have not installed the replaceable slots on your games, you will need the soldered in type located "HERE." If you are not proficient with solder, this may not be a project for you. Solder your games at your own risk. If you would rather have us do it for you, you can send your game in and we will do a Game Battery Replacement for one game for $8.99 plus USPS shipping. The CR2032 is the perfect for Replacement of NES, SNES and N64 game batteries.

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Series: CR2032
Battery Class: Lithium
Battery Type: Coin Cell with no leads (legs)
Battery Size: 1.42" x 0.80" x 0.17" (36.0mm x 20.3mm x 4.2mm)
Voltage: Rated 3V
Capacity: 190mAh @ 30

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