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DOL-017 Gamecube Game Boy Player Adapter, Boxed - Platinum


DOL-017JAN - Pre-Owned, Near Mint! In Stock, U.S. Seller - This is the complete Gameboy Player Adapter with Japanese Startup disc for playing Japanese games. See Game Boy Games like you've never seen them before! - This is a rare neat little Platinum silver accessory for the GameCube console which is used to play all your Game Boy Advance games directly on your big TV through your Gamecube. It is installed into the Hi-Speed Port on the bottom of the GameCube raising its height, expanding the dimensions of the GCN to a truer cubical shape. Use the GameCube Controller or any Game Boy Advance (GBA) system as a controller when using the GBA cable (DOL-011). Connects to other Game Boy systems for multiplayer games through the External Extension Connector. Compatibility with all regular Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance game paks (will not work with motion sensor or rumble feature game paks).

If you have the Nintendo Gameboy Player adapter, you will need this DOL-017 Nintendo Game boy Player Startup disk or disc to play Japanese Gameboy, Gameboy color and Gameboy advance games on the device. You can play over 1000 games designed for the original Gameboy, game boy color, and Gameboy advance handheld game systems on the game boy player for Gamecube using this Gameboy startup disk. The Nintendo Gameboy startup disc also works with e-Reader accessory. Scan e-Reader cards and play classic Nintendo Games, Pokemon-e TCG, Animal Crossing-e and more using this Nintendo Gameboy Player Start-Up Disc. Allows you to change easily from playing game boy games to Nintendo GameCube games, and select from 20 different frame designs that border the game image on your TV screen. Options also include widescreen!

The Nintendo Gamecube Gameboy player and all games are sold separately. Package includes the Gameboy Player adapter, Gameboy Player Disc, Instructions, and box. Games are not included. This has been tested and it works perfectly!

Condition: Near Mint
Region: Code NTSC-J (Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan)
UPC: 4902370506426
Color: Platinum
Specifications: Electricity consumption: 0.8W
Input: 12V, 3.25A, 39W
External size: height 1 1/2 " x width 6 " x depth 5 3/4"
Weight: appoximately 11.7 Oz.

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