Intec Portable Game Screen & Accessories for Gamecube (Platinum)


gcac026 - Only for Gamecube Model DOL-001 - Does NOT fit Model DOL-101. This game Cube mobile monitor is the rare Platinum (silver) version, plug-n-play and comes complete with power splitter cord to provide DC power to both screen and gamecube console. Also includes the auto cigarette lighter adapter to allow you play the gamecube in a car, boat airplane, anywhere. This Intec gamecube portable screen is considered by many to be the best, with backlight that is highly superior to that of other models or systems like InterAct. The Intec Portable monitor for GameCube is sharply styled and the system's construction (control knobs, hinge, etc.) is sturdy rather than flimsy. The portable screen produces a crisp and colorful image that is as easily viewable in the daylight as it is in the shadows. Use the Intec Game Screen for GameCube to take your favorite games with you and play them anywhere! The full-color 5.6 TFT LCD monitor provides graphics as you'd expect on your TV. Console includes built-in stereo speakers that add a new dimension to the gameplay. Comes complete with volume and brightness controls. Also includes a headphone jack for comfortable gaming that doesn't disturb others. The portable all in one Intec gaming screen is perfect for use in a car, boat, school, on a trip, or at a friend's house!

The Intec mobile screen snaps nicely to the back of the Gamecube and allows the handle to remain usable. And best of alol, the screen folds down seamlessly upon the gamecube console when not in use. Balanced nicely, the Intec screen does not make the Gamecube back heavy. If you travel, and need something to keep you occupied when there is nothing else to do, this is by far the product for you!

Product Features:

  • Power On/Off Switch
  • LED Light
  • Volume Control
  • Game or AV Selector Control
  • Brightness Control
  • Earphone Jack
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • AV Input Option
  • 12v DC Input
  • Heat resistant (won't fail in high car temperatures)
  • Comes in Indigo, Black and Platinum (silver) models
Publisher: Intec
Platform: GameCube
Category: Accessories

Includes the standard car cigarette lighter cable connector and splitter cable for screen and gamecube power. GameCube, original packaging or manuals are not included. All in excellent condition! Pre-owned rare Platinum version - ESRB Rating "E" for Everyone - UPC: 804926052729 - Rarity Rating A. Intec Portable Game Screen for Gamecube Review by "NES Gamer."

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