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Men in Black 2 II Alien Escape


gcg124 - Developed by Infogrames Melbourne House Pty Ltd. and Published by Infogrames, Inc., "Men in Black 2 II Alien Escape" was released for the Nintendo GameCube System (GCN) on November 20, 2002. In this rare gamecube game, Jay and Kay, the enigmatic duo from the movie Men in Black, return in Men in Black II: Alien Escape, a title based upon the movie sequel. Unlike the movie, the game's storyline follows agents Jay and Kay as they attempt to round up a group of criminal aliens who've escaped a prison ship that has crash-landed on Earth. The handful of modes, some of which must first be unlocked, are Training, Time Attack, Boss, Survival, and Mission, the last of these being the main focus of the title. As either agent, players must hunt down rogue aliens, such as Corn Face and Shark Guy, across five different environments, from the Pleasantview Nuclear Plant to the prison ship VSS Maximus Securitus itself, all while facing off against hordes of Drepp, Blue Rakoss, Black Rottermite, and other such extra-terrestrial beasts.

Each agent possesses a unique arsenal of three weapons, ranging from spread-type weapons, such as the X D 9 "Lazy Weasel," to charge-capable weapons, like the DRG Fusion Cannon. Each weapon can also be upgraded multiple times by collecting power-ups strewn about the 20 in-game levels. Taking damage however, reduces the effectiveness of the weapon. Viewed from a third-person perspective, the game allows players to perform strafing and roll maneuvers in order to avoid enemy fire. Firefights take place in segmented areas within each level, and players are only able to proceed to the next part of the level once all the enemies in the current locale are eliminated. Cut-scenes precede each level and usually involve a communiqué with Zed, who will provide advice and instructions. Familiar quips and one-liners in the same style as those found in the movie are included in the title, but are not provided by its cast. Preowned and in excellent condition. Includes Game, Case, insert, and instruction manual.

Product Details

  • UPC: 0742725242326
  • Platform: Nintendo GameCube System (GCN)
  • Region: NTSC (N. America)
  • ESRB Rating: "T" for Teens
  • ESRB Descriptor: Blood, Comic Mischief, Violence
  • Genre: Shooter / Action / Sci-fi / futuristic
  • Class: Licensed
  • Rarity Rating: "C"
  • Game Format: DVD Disk
  • Condition: Pre-owned excellent condition

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