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Super Mario Strikers


gcg0298 - Developed by Next Level Games, Inc. and Published by Nintendo of America Inc., "Super Mario Strikers" was released for the Nintendo GameCube System (GCN) on December 5, 2005. Mario has held many jobs over the years, such as a tennis pro, boxing referee, golfer, and plumber. In "Super Mario Strikers" for the Nintendo GameCube, Mario can add one more sports career to his list: professional soccer player. Developed by Next Level Games, "Super Mario Strikers" is the first game in the "Strikers" series. You play as one of the characters from the Mario universe in this five-on-five soccer game. In Europe and Australia, this GameCube title went by a different name: "Mario Smash Football." The original release date for this Nintendo GameCube game featuring the quick-footed Mario was December 5, 2005.You'll start each match by picking a team captain. These captains are the stars of various Mario-related franchises. From the Super Mario Bros. series, you have stars like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and Yoshi. From "Donkey Kong" comes the titular character Donkey Kong. From the Wario series comes franchise stars Wario and Waluigi. Each character has access to a unique super move. These super strikes are powerful moves that are devastating to the enemy goalie. For example, Mario's super strike lets him deliver a powerful flame kick that will rocket the ball into the goal. After selecting your team captain, it's time to choose your team that is comprised of familiar faces from the franchise such as Toads, Koopas, and Birdos. All teams share the same goalie, which is Kritter from the "Donkey Kong Country" series.Outside of the super moves, gameplay in "Super Mario Strikers" resembles an average game of soccer with a few changes. All the familiar positions are present, including defenders and a striker. If a game ends in a tie, a sudden death mode starts, ensuring there is a victor. "Super Mario Strikers" does feature one change: no referee. This means that anything goes on the field. You can kick and punch the other players while attempting to steal the ball. Even the evil Bowser will occasionally stomp onto the field, decimating both friend and foe alike. Scattered throughout the area are power-ups, including shells, bombs, and banana peels. Use these items to trip up your opponent, allowing your team to steal the ball.This sports game from Nintendo features seven stadiums, while the gameplay is the same on each one. There are also eight Cups to participate in, with the difficulty increasing with each Cup. For example, the Mushroom Cup is the first Cup and the easiest one. The last Cup is the Super Bowser Cup, which will put your Super Mario Strikers skills to the test. Complete every Cup to become the Super Mario Strikers champion. This GameCube game also features adjustable difficulty settings and unlockable items and cheats. Up to four players can play on a single team, and teams of two can square off against each other.Super Mario Strikers has a rating of E for Everyone, which means gamers of all ages can enjoy this GameCube title. Nintendo's unique twists ensure this soccer game is appealing and fun for a wide audience. Whether alone or with other players, this title is a fantastic Nintendo video game for your GameCube collection. Preowned and in excellent condition. Includes Game, Case, insert, and instruction manual.

Product Details

  • UPC: 0045496963255
  • Platform: Nintendo GameCube System (GCN)
  • Region: NTSC (N. America)
  • ESRB Rating: "E" for Everyone
  • ESRB Descriptor: Cartoon Violence
  • Genre: Sports / Arcade / Football (European) / Soccer
  • Class: Licensed
  • Rarity Rating: "C"
  • Game Format: DVD Disk
  • Condition: Pre-owned excellent condition

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