Tales of Symphonia


GCG0070 - Developed and published by Namco Hometek Inc., "Tales of Symphonia" was released on July 13, 2004. And this is all rather simple. If you like RPGs, then you definitely need to check out this game. Tales of Symphonia is an 3rd person Role Playing game (RPG) that is not only immensely entertaining, with a great story line, but also has fantastic gameplay as well. Always a great combination! The game is set in the fictional world of Sylvarant, and centers on the peaceful village of Iselia. It is there that one Lloyd Irving is a student. He has a brilliant Professor named Raine Sage, who specializes in both archaeology and magic, in no particular order. The problem is, their world is growing less and less powerful and losing all prosperity, because of the steady drain of mana from their land. Mana is the energy source that support life and fuels the magic. Our friend Lloyd has a friend named Colette Brunel. And she is called the "Chosen of Sylvarant" because she was born with a sacred stone in her hand. As their world wanes and the people continue to suffer under hardships, hope is turned to the Chosen One. it is decided that the only way to reverse the energy drain of their world is to complete a journey of world regeneration, unlock magic the seals and enter the otherworldly Tower of Salvation. The journey begins! The characters develop not only through cut-scenes, but through skits. A skit generally features two or more of the characters interacting, where you get to understand each character more fully. Like any decent RPG, there is much exploration of towns, dungeons, and towers. And you will have sprawling world maps. Of course, there are real-time combat, and only four members of your party can participate. Tales of Symphonia features a 2D battle engine that lets you move around the field and attack your enemies at will. All players in your group are playable, which allows you to switch your gaming style to the style of any individual character. The graphics are simply breath-taking, using colorful 2D good quality cel-shading that is beautiful in every scene. The characters are anime-styled and memorable. Also known as "TOS," Tales of Symphonia is a very nice game to have in your game cube collection. Pre-owned. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - Rarity Rating F

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