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Dead to Rights


#gcg0239 - Developed and Published by Namco Hometek Inc., "Dead to Rights" was released for the Gamecube Entertainment System (GCN) on November 25, 2002. Inspired by Detective classic novels and Hong Kong action movies, D2R is a 1st and 3rd-Person Perspective action shooter involving strategy and detective work. Playing this game is a lot of fun and akin to playing within a 1990's detective/action movie. The game scenario is that you are detective Jack Slate, an officer of the law working in Grant City. After finding the dead body of your father, you are framed for his murder and sent to Iron Point Maximum-Security Penitentiary. You must escape and go on the lamb as a fugitive from justice in order to determine who are the criminals that framed you. As a good cop in a bad situation, you go forced into the seedy areas of the city, where you find a maze of immorality, betrayal and vice. Your quest to clear your name in the mean streets of Grant City will involve, shall we say, rather questionable methods. You will traverse many diverse areas of the city, including office complexes, hotels, strip joints and Jail. The fighting engine allows you to perform various good moves, but the few disarm moves you have initially will be increased by your unlocking them as you progress in the game. You are also allowed to control man's best friend, your loyal K-9 partner, Shadow. Use him well to kill your enemies from long distance, retrieve their guns and ammo, and sniff out bombs.

So on to the technical stuff. The game is immersive, longer than you might expect, but an enjoyable experience none-the-less. The graphics are good, nothing special but nice and what you might expect, and the cutscenes are frigg'n fantastic. The music is very good also, catchy and appropriate. The gameplay itself is somewhat like that of Max Payne, but still quite different and unique. The control is slightly above average for a game like this. This is a mature action game in every sense of the word. Dead to Rights for Gamecube has a unique style, an engrossing, fascinating and immersing storyline and a cool looking hero. This can be a difficult and challenging game, but in my view, well worth it. Dead to Rights is commonly known or abbreviated as "Dead 2 Rights," "D2R" or "DtR." Pre-owned - Includes Case, Game Disk and Manual - UPC: 722674021259 - ESRB Rating "M" for Mature - Controller pak compatible - Rarity Rating D - Dead to Rights review by NES Gamer

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