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Dark Summit


GCG0062 - Developed by Radical Entertainment Inc., and published by THQ, Inc., "Dark Summit" was released on February 5, 2002, this is a highly underrated mission based snowboarding game. Due to the popularity of games like SSX, developers have begun to take an interest in snowboarding games, and the result for GameCube is this snowboarding action adventure called "Dark Summit." Sufficed to say, Mount Garrett has plenty of space and elements (6 areas of the mountain) that make for a good action/sports game hybrid. The game scenario and storyline is part of the fun of discovery, so I won't reveal too much here. What I will say is that the government has mysteriously shut down the summit of Mount Garrick. But the mountain is still used as a ski resort, so military security forces, run by Chief O'Leary, is hell bent on keeping snowboarders and skiers venturing on any part of the Mountain that they have deemed off limits. Chief O'Leary is using every trick at his disposal to drive snowboarders off the mountain. Your character is the well-spoken, cool fun girl, Naya. It is your mission is to infiltrate these off-limit areas and uncover the dark secrets that may lie within them. You will receive help from an infiltrator rebel inside Chief O'Leary's forces. He will offer you diverse missions, such as locating explosives or destroying a canon, that you can accept or decline. Once accepted, you must complete the mission (or fail) before undertaking another. Dark Summit is a nice little twist on the snowboarding genre games. It is partly similar to the SSX games in which points are earned from performing tricks and combinations. You can use these to buy new equipment so you can excel in the game. As far as control, Dark Summit is quite responsive. The tricks you perform are very nicely animated, and it's also nice how the skiers you encounter have the good sense to attempt to avoid collisions. Nice A.I. Overall, "Dark Summit" is an impressive game with a nice goal and mission system. Pre-owned. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - Rarity Rating C+

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