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007: Everything or Nothing


GCG0075 - Developed and published by Electronic Arts, Inc., "007: Everything or Nothing" was released on February 17, 2004. Ever since the success of Rare's Classic James Bond Game "GoldenEye" for N62, people have been trying to recapture the magic of that innovative game. And with the release of "007: Everything or Nothing," they have hit the bar. This is a third-person action adventure that blends driving, espionage skills and shooting together in a seamless spy campaign. And there are 3 difficulty levels to suit everyone. The driving engine is much better than I expected, and the vehicles you will command over the course of the game will differ, depending upon the mission. While some say the awesome vehicle levels are the highlights of this game, it also does an amazing job of including a lot of different gameplay elements. The shooting sequences features an improved aiming system, which will also allow you to fire around corners and from behind cover. And what would a new bond game be without new Bond gadgets. There is the ever useful Bond invisibility cloak, the radio controlled mechanical spider, and a helpful ability to disrupt electronics. The "Everything or nothing" campaign features over 30 missions, and will deliver an exciting experience that let's you feel as if you are actually 007, far better than any game before it. With great game control as you shoot, throw, punch, roll, target, fly and drive, it couldn't be much better gameplay. And although "Everything or Nothing" is not based on any James Bond movie, it is presented and demonstrated in such a fashion that it will feel every bit as official as any bond film. The game scenario is that a nanobot has been stolen from the Oxford Department of Micro-technology by an evil villain calling himself "the General." He is hell bent on world conquest and has kidnapped the leading scientist in the field. It is up to Bond to rescue the scientist, retake the nanobots, and kill the General to restore balance to the world. There is also a new multi-player feature where there is a same-screen deathmatch that allows for up to four players to play. The graphics are outstanding (Check out Shannon Elizabeth and Hedi Klum), better than any of the previous Bond games. And the sound is one of the best. And this is actually the first game where Pierce Brosnan actually allowed them to use his actual voice for the likeness of his character. Bottom line, you will not be let down by picking up this amazing title. Pre-owned. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - Rarity Rating C

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