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Medal of Honor: Frontline


GCG0085 - Developed and published by Electronic Arts, Inc., "Medal of Honor: Frontline" was released on November 07, 2002, the first WWII shooter for the game Cube, and a big hit... In Medal of Honor: Frontline, you play as Lt. Jimmy Patterson, a member of a special forces team in World War II. The production, gameplay and activity level of this game is very well done and keeps your attention fresh from start to finish. This is a very difficult game, especially in the later stages, but the challenge grows on you. You must complete various WW 2 missions and objectives, starting off with a very realistic D-Day invasion of Normandy, in the same vein of the movie "saving Private Ryan!" There is ample amounts of different activities, and other missions (about 16), including infiltrating a German weapons facility, seizing the Nijmegen Bridge, and sabotaging a German U-Boat. And they all have the feel of authenticity to them. You won't lose interest because of boredom. You'll be doing things such as planting mines, house to house clearing, going undercover, riding in a mine cart, etc., etc. All while shooting bad guys. What could be better! And you will carry historically accurate weapons and equipment, such as pistols, rifles, and explosives of the day ( MP40, the M1Garand, etc.) That's the great point about this game. The diverse missions and activities. In some parts of the game you are working alongside other soldiers, and at other times you will work alone in sort of stealth mode. And the multi-player mode is all the more fun playing with your buddies. There is also a mine cart-level (ala Indiana jones temple of doom), so this game has a little bit of something for everyone. All of which adds to the overall excellent experience of the game. The game's production level, graphics and mission design are superb. But the sound, the sound is simply super spectacular!!!! If you are looking for a very immersive exciting action-pack WW2 game, this is it! Medal of Honor: Frontline is also known as "MOHF." Pre-owned. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - Rarity Rating D

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