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Die Hard: Vendetta


GCG0097 - Developed by Bits Studios Ltd. and published by Fox Interactive, Sierra Entertainment, Inc., Vivendi Universal Games, Inc., "Die Hard: Vendetta" was released on November 18, 2002. Based on the movie "Die Hard," John McClane makes his gamecube video game debut in this first-person shooter offering. And after reading some of the reviews, I was surprised this game was a lot better than I expected. The game scenario is that it's long after McClain's New York Police job, and he is now an aging officer employed by the CCPD (Century City Police Department) in Los Angeles. His daughter Lucy is also a police officer there. And now there is a deadly new threat. His name is Piet Gruber, and he is the son of the infamous Hans Gruber, McClane's old nemesis. Piet has stolen some valuable from the Townsend Art Museum, and has kidnapped John's daughter Lucy. The game has two distinct modes of play. One being the Stealth Mode and the other is Hero Time. In Stealth Mode John is permitted to maneuver furtively. You can even use him to lay hold of his enemies from behind and use them as human shields/hostages. In Hero Time mode, John is permitted to react very quickly. John earns this time by saving hostages and performing brave and heroic deeds. John has various weapons at his disposal in "Die Hard: Vendetta," among which are sniper rifle, pistol, even a paint ball gun for training. There are 11 different levels you must make your way through in order to thwart Piet's dastardly schemes. This game does remain somewhat loyal to the film series, in fact the sleazy TV reporter last seen tazored by Holly even makes an appearance. Overall, Die Hard: Vendetta is enjoyable at times, annoyingly difficult at times, and at times it is very challenging and fun. Pre-owned. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - Rarity Rating C

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