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Crazy Taxi


GCG0208 - Developed by Hitmaker and published by Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., "Crazy Taxi" was released for the gamecube system on November 18, 2001. Based upon the classic Arcade hit game of the same name, Crazy taxi is the classic 3rd person perspective action taxi racing game that is redefined on the gamecube. It's like having the classic arcade game in your cube, with a new city and minigames. And still as addictive as ever. The object of the game is very simple. There are four fearless taxi Drivers with an attitude. You drive around and pick up passengers driving them to their destinations as fast as you can. Get there fast, and you'll get a time bonus. Drive too slowly and your fare may just jump out of your cab leaving you without any points whatsoever. Along the way, cash can be earned by performing sick stunts like near-misses with other vehicles, driving against the flow of traffic and Crazy fast and furious Drifting. So jump in your cab and prepare for the craziest taxi ride of your life! Choose from four diverse cabs and drivers, each with their own style and attitude. Each of the taxi drivers has different attributes and unique voice qualities that make them feel unique. There is the Crazy taxi driver Gus, who has the heaviest taxi cab, and this permits him to drive onto most oncoming traffic and go off road. On the other hand, cabby BD Joe has the fastest taxi, but has the least controllability. Gena has the best overall acceleration and deceleration and braking. But Axel is the most well-balanced crazy taxi driver choice having a bit of all these things. It's your job to weave through hectic traffic, crowded streets, over sidewalks and under water, to deliver your fare to their destination in a timely manner. In the game of Crazy Taxi, you will find that time really is money, and so only the craziest of cab drivers will earn their fare! The arcade version of the game includes one level, and an additional "original" stage was added for the console versions. The game features large, interactive courses, three game modes (Arcade, Original and Crazy Box) and an outstanding soundtrack from hit bands Bad Religion ("Inner Logic," "Ten in 2010," "Them and Us", and "Hear It") and The Offspring ("All I Want, "Change the World," and "Way Down the Line"). The graphics are very nice cell-shading, and the locations sweet. This little under appreciated gem is definitely worth the small price. Pre-owned. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wi - Rated T for Teen. Rarity Rating C

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