Flushed Away


#gcg0240 - Developed by Monkey Bar Games and Published by D3Publisher of America, Inc., "Flushed Away" was released for the Gamecube (GCN) Entertainment System on October 24, 2006. It is a 3rd-Person Perspective 3-D platformer adventure action game loosely based on the DreamWorks Aardman computer animated movie of the same name. The scenario is that a rat named Roddy St. James has been flushed into the sewers of London and is trying to make his way back to his high-life-style condo in Kensington. But standing in his way is a malicious frog who will stop at nothing to destroy the rat community of Ratropolis. So Roddy and his new friend Rita as guide, must do everything they can to put a stop to his evil plans, so that Roddy can return home safely. This is a platformer so that will involve sneaking past enemies and platform jumping. They will have to traverse through 10 levels of mission in different settings from the firm, that will pit them against other rodents, irate insects and amphibians. You will control Roddy for some missions and Rita in others. Roddy does use a toothpick as his weapon to vanquish his foes, and an umbrella that will allow him to float across short distances. The Rita character can kick and use a hooked bungee that she can latch onto distant spots. Master each character's abilities and moves to fight, get away and out maneuver the baddies. Rita also has a boat in the sewer named the Jammy Dodger that you will use in some missions, which has a crayon crossbow that will come in handy. You can also upgrade the ship by collecting unique items like dry ice and a roman candle to fit it with a unique set of abilities. In places you will be able to use a catapult made out of a rat trap, pudding mix, and more to defeat your enemies. The graphics are pretty nice, and the computer generated cutscenes do convey an real association with the film. As does the interaction between the characters. The audio, music and sound are above average, but we have come to expect that from D3 Publishers. The gameplay was pretty good, with good control. Flushed away also features 3 minigames that you can play to collect treasure, increase your health and unlock exclusive content. You can play them against a partner (Rat Traps & Crayons, Castle Siege and Pathfinder). There is single player or multiplayer mode where you can play Castle Siege with a friend in split screen mode. The game does have some power-ups like an air canon, a fire extinguisher, a Ruby and others. The game is harder than you would expect for a game like this, but it was overall family fun for old and young because the design is simple. Pre-owned - Includes Game, manual and case. Only - UPC: 879278330030 - ESRB Rating "E" for Everyone (cartoon violence) - Controller pak compatible - Rarity Rating "C-" - Flushed Away review by NES Gamer

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