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Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat


GCG0143 - Developed and published by Nintendo of America Inc., and released on March 14, 2005, "Donkey Kong: Junglebeat" is 3rd-Person Perspective side scrolling action adventure platform game. Yes, DK is back! And why no, after the success of the Donkey Konga games featuring everyone's favorite virtual ape, Donkey Kong. Nintendo's latest bongo-beating game features a novelty use for the DK Bongos controller. Like in the Donkey Konga games you still have to harmonize rhythms by playing the bongos correctly, in Jungle Beat Nintendo has taken us back to its roots as the the visual presentation is more like the old Donkey Kong platformer games. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a very unique, energetic, inventive game that is simply charming. You control Donkey Kong by hitting the left or right bongos separately or together, or clapping. These actions will allow for responsive jumps, vine-swinging, ground pounding and other useful actions. You can actually play the game with a standard GameCube controller, but not with so much fun. Donkey Kong's primary goal is to acquire as many bananas as he can, because these bananas mean "beats," and these reflect in both your score and your health. In the game you will have to cross 40 areas in order to accomplish your goal and clean the island of all the evil kongs. And you can use a variety of creatures to travel on. Each one requires a unique rhythm to control. You may think that a set of bongos will only give you a limited control device, but the truth is that you will have a surprising number of very different actions. There are lots of power-ups and many enemies and end bosses to defeat, so have at it! Overall, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is an original concept that is real blast, and great for kids. Pre-owned. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - Rarity Rating C+

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