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The Incredibles


GCG0199 - Developed by Heavy Iron Studios and published by THQ, Inc., "The Incredibles" was released for the gamecube system on November 1, 2004. This game is based on the hit Pixar film of the same name, and essentially follows the same plot of the movie. The story of The Incredibles is that they are a family of retired super heroes consisting of. Mr. and Mrs Incredible, Violet and Dash. The action of The Incredibles game allows you to control the Incredible family members, each with their own super powers. Each playable character is assigned their own levels, and the gameplay in those levels is specifically linked to the unique powers of the Incredible hero in question. For example, you can make yourself elastic and stretch to swing across wide chasms to grab enemies as Mrs. Incredible. As Mr. Incredible you can crash through thick walls or pick up heavy objects. And as the kids, Violet uses her invisibility powers in the 3-D action game, while Dash shows off his incredible speed. So indeed there are a very nice variety of gameplay types. As far as graphics goes, the visuals in The Incredibles are solid with nice cel-shadding and some footage taken directly from the movie. The Incredible characters all animate well, and look exactly as they do in the movie. The sound and voice work is outstanding, with much of it taken directly from the film also.The soundtrack is top notch and fits perfectly with the atmosphere and mood of what is on screen. The Boss fights are good and The Incredibles does an excellent job of capturing the engrossing style of the film. What's really great about this gamecube offering is that the controls are nice and tight and it is at times a challenging game. So the gameplay is nice, giving you a really fun super hero experience. Pre-owned in top condition. Rated T for Teen. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - Rarity Rating C-

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